mgr. Piotr Żyndul

mgr. Piotr Żyndul


Interdisciplinary therapy -­ a dentist with a physiotherapist.

I graduated Academy of Physical Education in Gdańsk and the School of Physiotherapy in Gdańsk.

I was cooperating, as a physiotherapist, with sport teams (AZS AWF Gdańsk ­handball, Prokom Trefl Sopot basketball, Arka Gdynia football). I have had many years of experience in rehabilitation clinics as well as in fitness centers and gyms.

For many years I have been a participant of specialized training in manual therapy according to the international standards IFOMPT (International Federation of Ortopaedic Manipulative Physical Therapists).

Since 2009 I have run a physiotherapy surgery ­ “Axis Rehabilitation” and I know how hard it is to find the right specialist. The patient is looking for a therapist who will devote him some time , who will answer all important questions and who will present different possibilities of therapy that the patient will be able to take part in Consciousness is my goal.

My patients should know what I do and why, what methods I use , what are the forecasts and the targets of the therapy. Health, fitness and functioning without pain is always the main target of the treatment.