For the convinience of our patients we have introduced complex treatment of head and back pains.

Temporomandibular joints and muscles of the head and neck are an intricate system which is often
ignored in diagnostics of many conditions. Given improper treatment they can be a source of many
problems, of patients and doctors alike.

Symptoms accompaning TMJD visible in the patients oral cavity are:

  • crane lines,
  • pain and sensivity,
  • secondary carries,
  • abfraction,
  • excessive abrazion,
  • cracking own teeth, ceramic restorations, moving prosthesis,
  • fast loss of composite fillings.

Most often TMDJ symptoms are:

  • restricted movement,
  • joints pain,
  • dislocation of the mandible,
  • crackles and crepitations in joints,
  • join deviation.

Disorders of TMDJ and muscles of the locomotor mandible system constitute substantial
diagnostic and treatment problems. In this case there is often need a cooperation of many specialist
from different areas – neurologist, laryngologist, dentist and physiotherapist.
Masticatory system disorders can cause various symptoms in the head, neck or whole spine areas,
pectoral girdle, and even pelvic girdle. The opposite can also happen, disorders such as poore
posture or muscle – joint instability can cause TMJD masticatory system disorders and head pain.

Cooperation of dentist and physiotherapist produces the best treatment effects of mandibular joints

All problems and disorders connected with TMJ can be trated!